• Roy SchestowitzRoy Schestowitz: Dr. Schestowitz holds a doctoral degree in medical biophysics. Since the age of 15 he has won many awards, e.g. for natural bodybuilding, Mr. Fitness completions, football, and rowing. He has appeared on television and film, front cover of magazines, and he continues to advise in the areas of fitness and nutrition, sometimes publishing research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

  • Mike CooganMike Coogan: Mike has studied for three Masters degrees and completed an MSc thesis on personal motivational theory. Mike has a rounded approach to fitness training. His interests include strength, speed, and endurance. Mike has completed numerous marathons, half-marathons, and is the three-times winner of the annual Mr Fitness competition held at The Midland Hotel in Manchester. Mike combines strength with fitness and whilst having a sub-45 minute 10K time is also capable of bench-pressing in excess of 165kG. Outside of the gym Mike plays cricket for his local club and is the current player of the season.

  • Roy SchestowitzPiotr D. Bielecki

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