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The official homepage for FXI is over at MediVasc, but herein we provide an overview of FXI people, images of multiple people doing an exercise round, even animation (with heart rate and metabolic rate, one with an animated person) — all of which are intended to help demonstrate the methods while documentation evolves. The core of the work is described at MediVasc. As of August of 2012, we are actively working on this. The final address will be medivasc.com/fxi.

In FXI, we are fitting/tailoring one’s programme depending on his/her ability, topping it up with a test for feasibility. The site pages have been created to include — at least in the interim — some references to up-to-date pages.


  • Medical/scientific resources (PDF format) – Parameters of physiological measurements to be put in on a Web page (at start and after one month)
  • Information on the methodology – Free package, with instructions
  • Members/subscribers (with benefits like DVD) – DVD and T-shirt pack, subscription for advice at £5 per month

Press coverage

MMU gives a clue about this programme.

Promotional graphics

Placeholder graphics that we worked on include the following, which is now deprecated.


For queries about FXI, please contact MediVasc staff.