Day 2 Back and Biceps

Written by on August 28, 2011 and filed under Exercise

Here’s a brief introduction into my workout for back and biceps.


1st exercise 5 sets of dead-lifts

Dead-lifts are an absolute must in every workout program and is an exercise directly related to strength. If you can do heavy dead lift then you are most likely very strong. They are however a high risk exercise and if not conducted correctly can result in injury, therefore technique is essential and the first set on this exercise must be conducted at very light weight just to get the correct posture and technique. Once comfortable with the lifting action I tend to pile the weight on and finish off on 190Kg for 2 reps.

Remember to reduce reps as you increase weight, for example.

  • 1st set @ 15 reps of 60kg
  • 2nd set @ 12 reps of 100kg
  • 3rd set @ 10 reps of 130kg
  • 4th set @ 6 reps of 160kg
  • 5th set @ 2 reps of 190kg

The above formula should be followed for the BIG 3 EXERCISES if the goal is size and strength. These are:

  • Bench Press
  • Dead-lifts
  • Squats

Obviously the weight will vary on each depending on someone’s specialization or people who are naturally good at certain exercises. In my case squats are my heaviest at 220kg for 2 reps.


2nd exercise4 sets of bent over rows (overhand grip)

The trick with this exercise is to keep the bar as close to your legs as possible and make sure you lower the weight as far down as it takes to straighten your arms fully so the pressure is on your back instead of your biceps.

Again start light with high reps and finish heavy on low reps.


3rd Exercise 4 sets of seated cable rows

The key to this exercise to to keep the elbows tucked in as close as possible to your body. Same concept as before regarding weight and reps.


That concludes the back thickness section of this workout. Now on to wideness (lats) and biceps.

4th Exercise 4 sets of wide grip pull ups

If you are not strong enough yet to lift your own bobywieght you can always do 4 sets of Lateral pull downs as shown below.


5th exercise 4 sets of Concentrated bicep curls

This is by far the best biceps growing exercise. Try not to let the weight rest on bench. Keep that strain on the muscle. Also remember full movement in order to gain full mass and strength.


6th Exercise 4 sets of wide grip barbell curls

7th Exercise 4 sets of hammer bicep curls

Make sure the movement is controlled. Do no bend your back and knees in order to throw the weights up.


That concludes my back and biceps workout. It usally takes just under 2hours to complete.

Make sure you stretch before and after the workout.