Hand in Glove

Posted by on September 29, 2011 under Social


Exercise and lifestyle fit together like a pair of gloves. A lot of people choose to exercise to improve their lifestyle and not only their health. It is therefore imperative that one should understand aspects other than workout and nutrition. There are several personal choices when it comes to gear and physical lifestyle, including leisure, social aspects, and skin care (including tan). When it comes to attire — gloves included for certain types of exercise — it is most important to choose what is comfortable for one’s exercise, not one’s self esteem. A lot of people overdress (or under-dress) to compensate for perceived issues and in the process they impede progress, reduce physical comfort (sometimes for mental gains), and in due course see the results degrading. One of the more important milestones to get past is one involving prioritisation of exercise. If one dresses up and grooms oneself for something other than exercise, then there is likely to be a disconnect in terms of objectives. A lot of people do choose to improve their appearance by exercising, but looking better throughout exercise is not the same as looking good when it is a top priority. The gym is not a disco and although there is a tendency to perceive the gym as a social place, for maximal benefits it requires dedication. A lot of folks who come to the gym with the intention of losing weight, for example, can face a cultural mismatch that sooner or later leads to disappointment. Some gyms do have social areas designated specifically for this purpose.